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Lucilla Crosta

  Professional Experience:
Since 2000, I cultivated several experiences as teacher/tutor/researcher in different online and blended e-learning courses. 
I have also been studying and researching the field of online learning communities and networks both in Italy and UK collaborating with different Universities like; The Catholic University and the Bocconi University (Italy), The University of Glasgow, the University of Sheffield, The Open University and the University of Lancaster (UK).
Expand my consultancy, teaching and research in the e-learning field, especially in the field of social networks and on the use of technologies for educating youngsters (Digital Native) and adults (Digital Immigrants) also at international level

Settori di competenza:E-learning project management, online tutoring, e-learning study and research, online learning communities, post-graduate teching and learning, social networks
EdD Thesis Faculty Manager
Laureate Online Education
luglio 2015 – presente (11 mesi)Online
I currently cover also the role of EdD Thesis Faculty Manager and my duties are related both to thesis supervisors and their students. They comprise the followings:
- facilitate the matching process between new thesis students and potential supervisors
- Chair the Ethical review committee for EdD Thesis students' applications
- organizing student progress panel in order to review their progress
- support students and supervisors during the thesis stage of the program
Honorary Senior Lecture & Honorary Recognised Supervisor
Laureate Online Education B.V./University of Liverpool
giugno 2012 – presente (4 anni)international
Online Instructor in the Professional Doctorate of Education Program (EdD) for the Doctoral Developmental Plan Module, Values in Educational Research and Practice Module and Learning and Learners module, Leadership, Ways of knowing. I carry out the following activities:
provide support and help students during their doctoral journey; monitoring their access and participation in the module; planning for individual synchronous Skype tutorial conversations; assessing their weekly and final individual assignment; providing them continuous and constant feedback on their weekly activities.
I am also a doctoral supervisor for the EdD students' dissertation module. I currently supervise 5 students

In 2013 I was awarded for the Highest satisfaction rate at Laureate International Education/University of Liverpool in students' tutorship.

In 2014 I was nominated Honorary Senior Lecture at the University of Liverpool

Both in July 2014 and 2015 I facilitated face-to-face EdD students at the University of Liverpool during the EdD Residency
(aperto)4 progetti
Online Thesis Mentor
Swiss Management Center
novembre 2011 – presente (4 anni 7 mesi)Svizzera
I am in charge of the supervision of some students for their PHD and Master thesis preparation and submission. I provide them online support in: - preparing and writing their research proposal, making choice of the most suitable research methods and methodology in order to accomplish their research, writing their research work, providing reports to the university in order to monitor their progresses, seat university board and committees for thesis evaluation/VIVA.
counselor & Trainer
CFP Ticino Malpensa & Enaip Borgomanero
marzo 2009 – dicembre 2015 (6 anni 10 mesi)
℅ CFP (March 2009 - current): I am in charge of the coordination of the adult education training offer addressed to workers (ICT, english, spanish, communication, administration, accountancy courses..). I am in charge of the selection of the candidates, of the realization and design of the individual and group training projects , of the logistic matters of the courses, of the management of the teachers, of the analysis of the training needs of adults and on the measurement of the final customer satisfaction. I am in also charge both of the organization of stages and of the selection of candidates for the courses and for the application to new job opportunities. I carried out Work life balance, advising employed and unemployed adults. I also taught training sessions on soft skills and stress management

℅ ENAIP (September 2011 - May 2012): I was a Counsellor for cash integration people and a trainer in "stress at work".
E-Learning Specialist, European Project Manager
Kelidon Association, Prhomos ASsociation, BEM, AMC Services,
febbraio 2003 – aprile 2014 (11 anni 3 mesi)
I worked as consultant and project manager in different institutions for the preparation of European Projects funded by the European Commission and the obtainment of the relevant fundings. The projects were addressed to adult learners and the use of new technologies for teaching and learning.
I obtained several different funded projects where I worked as project manager covering the following activities and roles:
- presenting and submitting the project to the EC to be funded;
- project manager for the italian team for the funded projects;
- management of the administrative and financials issues;
- preparation of the interim and final project reports. 
- realization and organization of the project training and research activities
- organization and participation to the international project meetings.
Some of the European projects I have been obtaining funding for are the followings:

(Innovative approaches for a full inclusion in e-learning)

(Innovative e-learning methodology for secondary school science teachers education)

(Electronic book for adults)

(Internet for Autonomous Lifelong Learning)

N@wrkingGens - related on the use of Social Networks among youngsters and adults

Stop@Bullism - related on the problem of both bullism and CyberBullism

E-learning for adults

NETT- Networked Entrepreneurship Teacher Training
ICS CAnegrate, ACOF Busto Arsizio, CIFAPP
febbraio 2008 – dicembre 2009 (1 anno 11 mesi)
℅ ACOF: face to face trainer in IFTS course in the following fields:
- personal motivation, leadership, problem solving and problem setting, project work, equal opportunity, business start up

℅ ICS (January 2009- December 209) online and face to face trainer in the educative use of new technologies among youngsters in schools (teachers, parents, adults, educators)

℅ CIFAPP (November 2005 - March 2008) face to face and online trainers in Multimedia didactic in professional courses addressed to school teachers



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